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Sophie Bortolussi

Director - Choreographer - Performer - Teacher

Dorian C. 



A 23 minutes short film by Nu Dance Theater

Artistic Direction and choreography: Sophie Bortolussi and Eva Perrotta

Director: Rebecca Arndt 

Performers: Asli Bulbul and Eva Perrotta

Original Score: Sam Crawford, Arthur Solari

​In the middle of the night, Dorian wakes up on her couch, plagued with memories from which she thought she had severed ties long ago. Soon these memories take the shape of  a ghostly figure, who might be a past version of herself. Dorian loses control of her manifested “other” and must engage in a claustrophobic battle for control. This cerebral, internal argument transcends time and language through the use of movement and a rich soundscape. With an intimate eye and exhilarating choreography, Dorian C. illustrates the frustrating struggle between the boundaries of how we are defined and our manufactured identity.

AXY film festival 2015, USA

Living Gallery, Dance film festival 2015, USA

Location X 2015, Denmark

Screendance Miami 2015, USA

Dança Em Foco 2014, Brasil

Short Waves Festival 2014, Poland

Magma- mostra di cinema breve 2013, Italy


Festival Internacional VideodanzaBA 2013, Buenos-Aires

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema 2013, USA

Pool 13, International Tanz Film Platform, Germany

Short Film Corner 2013, Cannes Film Festival, France


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