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Sophie Bortolussi

Director - Choreographer - Performer - Teacher





by Nu Dance Theater

Choreographie and Direction: Eva Perrotta and Sophie Bortolussi

Performers: Sophie Bortolussi, Lindsay Abromaitis Smith, Kyleigh Sackabdy, Kristina Skovby, Holly Colino, General MacArthur Hambric

A immersive promenade performance exclusively created for 317 East 8th street, a former synagogue renovated into a contemporary living space in the heart of the East village in NYC.

Hinterland is a journey that unlocks the doors to the vast land that opens as we fall asleep. It brings us to that unexpected space we create without controling our our thoughts and feelings. It offers an alternate yet authentic reality. Behind each door, each corner, a world of endless imagery exists, and a path of shifting and transient landscapes opens. Hinterland stretches this brief moment  when our body loses control and awakens into another reality.

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