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Sophie Bortolussi

Director - Choreographer - Performer - Teacher

Into Me See 




by Nu Dance Theater

Choreography: Sophie Bortolussi and Eva Perrotta 

Installion: e+i architecture

A performance at rush hour for a store front in the heart of mid-town Manhattan, NYC

Into Me See, is a duet created by Nu Dance Theater (Eva Perrotta and  Sophie Bortolussi) in collaboration with the architects Eva Perez De Vega Steele and Ian Gordon of e+i architecture.


Trying to reconnect with themselves and each other, two women face their own shadows in an endless effort to find intimacy. Tearing apart the many layers resisting vulnerability, together they travel through an invisible maze of unspoken beliefs and opinions. The fish bowl environment of The LAB (For Installation + Performance Art) offers an inherent and incredibly rich tension to the exploration of intimacy, how to transgress the unspoken, publicly and openly, without only provoking, but more importantly going beyond our stigma of sexuality and gender differentiations.


The cloud like installation, constructed of 80,000 feet of hanging nylon string of varying densities and lengths, aims to build an intimate world of soft layers, evoking a sense of mist and condensation.The work interfaces the exposed nature of The LAB (For Installation + Performance Art) creating secluded and hidden zones where dancers moving in and around the installation can appear and disappear, thus shaping an ambiguous ‘in between’ zone where exterior [audience] and interior [dancers] meet. The limits of the space are visually dissolved though the layered strings, giving both audience and performers a sensation of an endlessly enveloping and boundary-less inner world.

Photo: Brandon Jacobs Mills

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