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Sophie Bortolussi

Director - Choreographer - Performer - Teacher

Into the cuckoo's nest


Directed and conceived by Sophie Bortolussi and Martin Green

Produced: Lepus Productions

Choreography: Sophie Bortolussi (in collaboration with Robert McNeil

Composer: Martin Green

Film and animation: Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson

Pipes: Brighde Chaimbeul

Accordion, electronics: Martin Green

Guest Vocalist: Maddy Prior

Into the Cuckoo’s Nest is  part gig, part theatre, part film. It happens in a tent. It’s intimate and close, bringing the audience right into the heart of the movement and the music.

The audience come to see what they think to be a traditional folk concert. What they don't know is that they will be guided through a hallucinogenic journey and find themselves raving in a hedonistic club where gods Zeus and Hera meet.

The show explores the music, myths, stories and traditions of the Cuckoo and its use as a euphemism – allowing us to delve into the darker corners of folk song in this intimate environment.

  Spill Festival, October 2018 

Tickets HERE

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