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Sophie Bortolussi

Director - Choreographer - Performer - Teacher



Directed, conceived and performed by Sophie Bortolussi and Sara Galassini

Produced by La Mama

Part ritual / part wrestling match; One-in-Themselves is a physical and vocal call to liberate the deep desires and confront the fears of the silenced woman.
On a bare stage, two female bodies weave a frenzied tapestry of raw physicality and emotion. Power struggles hover above the consuming need to rescue the self, leaving the them entrapped between the desire to be wanted and the rejection of objectification. Over time, their shadows cast repeated patterns of betrayal, memories, and madness.
One-in-Themselves is a bold attempt to channel the power of the female body, voice, and spirit.
In devising One-in-Themselves Sara and Sophie choose to embrace the challenges of being two foreign artists in contemporary America, while drawing inspiration from female writers and artists such as Maggie Nelson, Chris Kraus, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Marianne Williamson, Laurie Simmons and Mona Hatoum.

The Club at La Mama, NYC, March 3 - March 12, 2017

Tickets HERE

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