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Sophie Bortolussi

Director - Choreographer - Performer - Teacher

Red Eye To Havre De Grace



by Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental

Created by Thaddeus Phillips, Jeremy Wilhelm, David Wilhelm, Geoff Sobelle and Sophie Bortolussi
Choreography and role of Virginia: Sophie Bortolussi

'This exquisite show is among the most original musical theater works I’ve seen in years' ****New York Times, 2014


'Four performers bring a breathtaking array of talent to create the sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, always captivating world of Poe' ****Boston GLobe, 2014


'The fluid dreamlike tableaux of RED-EYE take residence in your mind and firmly stay put. For a dance-heavy piece about a dying author, RED-EYE is as fleet as a Wes Anderson comedy...' **** Entertainment Weekly

Theater magician Thaddeus Phillips teams up with the Minneapolis-based musical duo Wilhelm Bros. & Co. (Jeremy and David Wilhelm) and choreographer Sophie Bortolussi to create a visually striking and sonically complex action-opera centered on the odd details surrounding Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious last days. Set in September 1849, the playfully humorous yet dark RED-EYE to HAVRE de GRACE follows Poe on his last lecture tour from Virginia to New York, focusing on a stop in Maryland. There a train conductor saw Poe, wearing a strangers clothes, headed south just a few days before his death. Using altered perspectives and ingenious stagecraft, this wildly inventive work is informed by 19th-century train routes, historical accounts, and Poe’s letters to his mother-in-law to create a spellbinding sketch of a man you soon realize you know little about.

Mineapolis, January 2015, @ Walker theater

New York City, Off-broadway,  April 22-June 1 2014,  @ New York Theater Workshop

Boston, Arts Emerson, January 2014, @ Paramount Center/ Main stage 

Philadelphia Live Arts festival, September 2012 @ Suzanne Roberts Theater

Photo: Johanna Austin


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