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Sophie Bortolussi

Director - Choreographer - Performer - Teacher





Developmental Director: Sophie Bortolussi
Writer/ Performer: Jon David Casey

Light and Set design: Christopher Akerlind

Costume: Machine Dazzle

SIX o THREE invites the audience into the process of a young man, who confronts the fractures within himself. Soon the spectator is drawn into two simultaneous and parallel journeys of : one, his devolution into isolation and insanity, and the other, his relentless pursuit of truth and self discovery. Further, both paths are deepened by Dr. Wilhelm Reich; the former, by his work, and the latter, by his life.


SIX o THREE is also a trio between text, light, and physicality. Jon David Casey uses words as sound and rhythm to create a vibrating and pulsating environment throughout the play. Through her direction, Sophie Bortolussi unearths a subtextual connective tissue. She uses the physical body as an expression of an unconscious truth, honoring Reich’s life long research to find truth through freeing the body. Award winning and critically acclaimed lighting designer Chris Akerlind is supporting the narrative by sculpting the space through light, giving matter to the Orgone energy, echoing the character's frenetic oscillations back and forth, to and fro, between light and dark, and his uncovering of the darkness of his birth mother's schizophrenia.

November 9-13, 2016 at La Mama Galleria in NYC

Ongoing Research & Development at New York Theater Workshop, Usual Suspect

September 2015, R&D at Theatre Delicatessen, London

R&D March 2015, Portland, Maine

Dragon Eggs Residency, CT, Novemebr 2014

Photo: Dar Riser

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